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Your wellbeing is our priority. To ensure you are in top health, we provide you with all the tests that you might need. Our pathology labs and services make quality, reliable testing and accurate, timely results available to you wherever you are.

Our mission is to make your life better through the convenience of direct testing labs in over 15 locations nationwide. Our pathologists are available to give you access to all the information you need to stay in charge of your own health and that of your family. We don’t provide treatment, however we consult with and make referrals to your doctor(s) within and outside the country.


Pathology refers to the range of diagnostic tests that help identify disease and other abnormalities helping to find the best treatment at the right time. Find a comprehensive range of tests to help with all your health concerns.

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Your Health

Your wellbeing and quality of life depends on how healthy you are. Learn how to take charge of your health today for a better tomorrow.

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Keep your animals in good health. Find out about the essential tests your pets should be having.

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Grow healthy crops and increase your yields by testing the quality of your soil and environment. Find out how here.

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Water Quality

Water is the essence of life. Everyone should have access to good, clean water that is safe to drink and use. How do you know if the water in your area is safe?

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A healthy workforce is more productive. We provide a range of health screening tests to help keep employees in top form.

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