Know Your Numbers

When you Know your Numbers, you are in charge of your health.

The first step to total wellness is to know exactly what is happening inside your body.

High blood pressure can become deadly if not checked. Heart disease is one of the top killers yet most people don’t know they have a problem until it is too late. You can control high blood sugar and diabetes just by knowing your numbers.

Know your Numbers is a campaign for all people in the country to have their vitals checked. Get tested for cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, thyroid and more. It can save your life and give you back your vitality.

When you know your numbers you have the power to make better decisions for your health and wellbeing because regular tests are the best thing you can do for yourself.

Make an appointment with your doctor today to Know your Numbers today, or visit us at one of our Pathology labs.

Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a major cause of stroke. Blood pressure is on the rise in Nigeria and you could be at risk. Normal blood pressure is 120 over 80 (120/80 mmHg). Above 140/90 mmHG is too high. 170/110 means you are at serious risk for a stroke. Stroke is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. But just by knowing your blood pressure, you can prevent it.

Test your blood pressure now. It’s the easiest way to save your life.


Blood Sugar

Did you know that just by knowing your blood sugar levels you could reverse the onset of diabetes? Diabetes is one of the most chronic conditions in the world and it is on the rise in Africa. Most people though don’t know they have diabetes until the condition has progressed too far to change it. Type 2 diabetes is caused mainly by poor diet and usually develops when we are adults. When you know your blood sugar levels you can tell if you are starting to develop diabetes or if you are at risk. Through good diet and some simple changes to your lifestyle, you can stop it from getting any worse.

Diabetes is a serious condition that leads to health complications such as heart problems, kidney failure and even blindness. But it doesn’t need to get that serious. The only way to stop the progression of diabetes is to know your blood sugar numbers and whether you are at risk.

Have your blood sugar levels checked at your clinic, doctor or nearest PathCare centre.



We all have cholesterol in our body and it plays an important role in the functioning of our organs. But when we build up too much cholesterol in our body, from eating too many fatty foods, then it becomes a danger to our health. High cholesterol can give you a heart attack or a stroke. But it doesn’t need to come to this.

When you know your cholesterol numbers you can make the right diet and lifestyle choices that will lower your cholesterol and your risk for stroke or heart failure. But the only way to know your cholesterol is to have it tested.



If you get tired easily, your skin is dry, you feel constipated most of the time and are suffering from hair loss, you could have an under active thyroid. The good news is that once you have your thyroid hormones tested you can do something about reversing the symptoms.

The Thyroid Gland has an important role to play in the proper functioning of your body. It makes Thyroid hormone which helps the body use energy, stay warm, and keep the brain, heart muscles and other organs in good working order.


Kidney Function

More people die every day in Nigeria from kidney related disease than from HIV/Aids or Malaria.

In fact almost five percent of the population have some form of kidney damage. Very often these kidney conditions go undetected until the damage to the kidney is too big and there is a need for dialysis or transplant which is very expensive. Even those who appear healthy can have chronic kidney disease. Kidney diseases can be caused by cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure and poor diet. Some types of kidney disease, such as polycystic kidney disease, are inherited.

The kidneys are in charge of regulating how much water and salt we have in our bodies and are essential to our overall vitality. It is important to know that the kidneys are functioning as they should. To test for this we test the levels of protein (urea), creatinine and certain dissolved salts.

Most forms of kidney disease can be treated. But it needs to be caught early and the only way to catch it is to have preventative screening tests done.