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We believe in a better and healthier future which can be achieved by working together to equip people with the right information, tools and tests to take better control of their health.

With PathCare Laboratories your patients are guaranteed the most accurate and reliable test results. We are ISO accredited and delivery of results is fast. This is the kind of service you want to give your patients. We offer a comprehensive range of tests and testing services and along with our international affiliations can ensure you have access to the most up to date pathology expertise covering the spectrum of medical conditions.

For diagnoses, preventative screening and specialised testing, we are your partner in health care delivery.


PathPro is making it easier for you to manage patients, getting them the right treatment in better time. Developed for your ease and convenience, PathPro is a robust system that ensures quality and reliability.

We are revolutionising the way you access pathology services. Request urgent tests exactly when you need them, get results wherever you are, stay up to date with patient history, and search records on the go. Sign up for PathPro and get full access today.

PathProvider brings pathology testing services even closer and makes them more convenient for you. Use the PathProvider mobile applications on your phone or tablet to access faster test results, patient records and patient history from anywhere and at any time.

Doctors Forum

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When you partner with PathCare you get professional access to reliable testing and accurate results, offering the best quality care for your patients. Partner with PathCare, become an affiliate. We pride ourselves on our good relationships with professionals in the medical field and for those further afield there is an option for mutual referals.

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